Rising temperatures send subsidence claims soaring

Subsidence claims are likely to increase by between 300 and 400 per cent at its peak this August, comparative to or potentially exceeding the last surge event in 2018, according to loss adjusters at Sedgwick.

Last week the MORECS hit its maximum level with 308 being recorded within square 161 and Sedgwick experienced an uplift of between 400 and 500 per cent above the base line in new claim volumes.

James Preston, technical director at Sedgwick said: “With the last surge event being only 4 years ago, the measures put in place at that time are still relevant and feasible and lessons learnt from that experience will help us again navigate through this very busy period. Digital technology proved to be a vital tool for many, back in 2018 and also through the challenging period of Covid restrictions.

“At present and as expected, high risk areas such as the south east and North London are experiencing high claim volumes but in contrast to 2018, claim numbers further North are lower as of yet and with us now entering what should be the wetter months of the year and trees starting to reduce their water uptake, this could be a small but welcome relief.”

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