Insurance Europe call for EU legislation on remote access to vehicle data

Insurance Europe has partnered with ten other automotive sector operators and SME representatives to publish a manifesto calling for EU legislation to be adopted by 2020 ensuring effective remote access to in-vehicle data.

As an increasing number of motor vehicles are connected, the signatories claim that such measures are needed for them to be able to continue to provide competitive and innovative services.

Independent operators, including insurers, would need, with the consent of the driver: independent and direct real-time access to in-vehicle generated data that is not monitored by vehicle manufacturers; bi-directional communication with the vehicle and its functions, independent from the vehicle manufacturer; safe, secure and independent remote interaction with the driver, using in-vehicle interfaces, for instance via the dashboard or voice commands; and independent software running directly in the connected vehicle to process data as closely as possible to its source.

A solution put forward in the manifesto consists of an in-vehicle open-access platform. This telematics system would allow consumers to decide which service providers can access their data, without interference from vehicle manufacturers.

The platform would also apply high standards of cybersecurity and data privacy.

The manifesto calculates the cost to consumers and independent operators of using the closed vehicle manufacturer access model to be around £56bn by 2030.

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