SOCP publishes fraud guide

The Society of Claims Professionals has published a good practice guide to assist claims professionals in detecting and properly addressing fraud.

Non-executive director at the Society of Claims Professionals, Jeremy Trott said: “Fraud is costing a huge amount of money, which is passed on by insurers to the UK general public, through increased premiums as fraudsters look to take advantage of the system for unwarranted personal gain.

“However, as a profession, we need to be very careful how we treat both our own and TP customers whilst we investigate fraud – it might well be that whilst a set of circumstances look fraudulent, there are legitimate reasons for the activity that can be explained by a customer,” he added.

According to the ABI, over 112,000 cases of attempted claims fraud were detected in 2017 worth nearly £1.3bn. The most common types were motor fraud (67,000 cases at £775m) and liability fraud (19,000 cases at £386m).

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