Zurich launches claims solution for amputees

Zurich has launched a personal injury claims solution designed to facilitate access to advanced prosthetics and rehabilitation for people suffering from life-changing injuries.

Civil litigation involved in personal injury claims can leave amputees waiting as long as two years for a financial settlement to fund specialist treatment.

During this period, these patients are unable to benefit from the most advanced prosthetics, which may delay their recovery and lead to physical and mental health problems.

The offering aims to cover for treatment upfront, meaning that third-party claimants may benefit from a full treatment package and ongoing rehabilitation ahead of a financial settlement.

Zurich’s head of customer, UK claims, Amy Brettell said: “Losing a limb is an extremely traumatic experience.

“Our solution brings the focus back on the patient, paying for the treatment they need upfront,” she added. “It focuses on making prosthetic services and rehabilitation available as early as possible. Claimants can focus on their recovery without the stress of delays in funding and months or years of relying on prosthetics with less functionality. This reduces the duration of rehabilitation and helps the injured person to recover and regain their independence sooner.”

The insurer estimates that the provision of immediate treatment has reduced the rehabilitation time for affected patients by around eight months.

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