Culture key concern for new recruits

A reputation for having a toxic workplace culture would deter 71% of those in the insurance industry from accepting a job with a company, while 47% would not apply for a position if a firm had poor online reviews, according to research from business consultancy Culture Shift.

The data showed that 50% have witnessed problematic behaviour (such as bullying, harassment or discrimination) at work and that 52% had previously left a job due to a bad workplace culture.

Gemma McCall, CEO of Culture Shift, said: “Our research shows employer brand can be tarnished as a result of having a toxic workplace culture. However, as almost half of insurance workers have experienced problematic behaviour at work, it’s clear leaders aren’t fully aware of the true impact toxic workplace culture can have on their people and organisation.”

She added: “From work-life balance, to trusting their employers and colleagues, positive workplace experiences are more important than ever before, yet leaders are failing to put measures in place to protect their people. Not only does this impact an organisation from an employer brand point of view, but it can also impact investor appeal and result in challenges when looking to attract new talent.”

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