IDF proposes plans to boost infrastructure investment

The Insurance Development Forum has published a blueprint to support insurance sector investment in infrastructure that will enhance the resilience of vulnerable communities in emerging and developing communities from risks associated to climate change and natural disasters.

Michel Liès, chair of the IDF Steering Committee, said: “The Insurance Development Forum is today issuing an unprecedented call to action to the global re/insurance sector to support the investment in resilient and sustainable infrastructure in vulnerable communities.

“COP28 highlighted the urgent need to scale up the financing for resilient infrastructure. The blueprint was designed by insurers with our specific investment needs in mind. We see this as essential for companies’ and countries’ long-term sustainability, and the effective mobilisation of insurance industry capital towards a much-underserved segment of the infrastructure market in emerging and developing countries.

“We are delighted with the support that our blueprint has already attracted from the core IDF industry membership and that we are able to count on the significant expertise of BlackRock to deliver the meaningful impact we want to have on individuals, communities and businesses in countries which are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and other disasters.”

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