Sedgwick launches sustainable damage management service

Sedgwick has this week launched a sustainable damage management solution for the UK market.
Following a scientific assessment of damage extent, recovery options prioritise sustainability, including a greater emphasis on restoration, more energy-efficient drying, the use of resilient repair materials and the repurposing and recycling of waste streams.

The loss adjuster’s new service is designed to help businesses meet their environmental, social and governance commitments, particularly addressing Scope 3 emissions.

Tony McAdams, damage management consultant at Sedgwick, whose vision has driven the development of the unified service, said: “This innovative service addresses a common issue faced by insurers and other businesses: the struggle to balance immediate recovery needs with long-term sustainability goals. By integrating sustainable measures early in the damage management process, Sedgwick can facilitate more effective and environmentally friendly recoveries.”

Peter Farrelly, chief operating officer at Sedgwick in the UK, added: “The unique aspect of our service is that it reinvents the traditional approach to damage management by integrating sustainability right from day one. This ensures a more planet-friendly outcome for our clients, customers and insurers alike. Our approach not only meets the immediate needs of businesses to resume operations, but also aligns with broader corporate sustainability and financial management goals.”

This offering is an extension of Sedgwick’s global ESG strategy and a strategic next step for the company’s UK operations. The team achieved carbon-neutral status earlier this year and is understood to be on track to meet its commitment to the Science Based Targets initiative of becoming carbon net-zero by 2030.

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