Inflation drives spike in calls to LEI helplines

Legal expenses insurance provider Arc Legal Group, which is part of AmTrust Financial Group, recorded a 10% increase in calls to its legal assistance helpline between February and April, compared to the same period last year. The provider said the increase reflected the growing pressure people are under to meet their financial obligations.

Rebecca Conway, chief legal officer at Arc Legal Group, said: “We saw calls to our legal assistance helpline peak during Covid as confusion over furlough and employee rights, property and contract disputes and rent guarantee issues came to the fore.

“Though the numbers we’re seeing this year don’t quite match that of 2020/21, the trend is significant as it’s across all lines of business. We believe it reflects a population facing increasing financial pressures and a need to seek access to justice as inflation bites.”

She added: “With the data showing a clear uplift in the need for expert support, it’s more important than ever for the insurance market to ensure it’s educating customers on the availability and value of LEI.”

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