Cytora partners Veridon on risk data provision

Digital risk processing platform Cytora has teamed up with AI specialist Veridon to provide insurers with better insight into a number of business metrics that will help them refine their underwriting decisions.

Juan de Castro, COO of Cytora, said: “At Cytora, our mission is to transform the insurance industry by helping insurers implement digital risk flows. Having the accurate, robust data ready at underwriters’ fingertips is a crucial part of that. Our partnership with Veridion and the integration of their business data into our platform is a significant step in this direction.”

Riyaz Nakhooda, VP of customer solutions at Veridion, added: “We are thrilled to partner with Cytora to help modernise commercial insurance underwriting. By integrating Veridion's AI-powered business data into Cytora’s platform, we are not just providing insurers and brokers with immediate access to vital data; we are also empowering them to make more informed decisions faster than ever before.”

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