Covéa launches language support service

Covéa Insurance has teamed up with DA Languages to support customers who do not speak English to ensure they can still get access to insurance products and services. Through the partnership, customers are connected via a three-way call with an interpreter to facilitate telephone conversations with Covéa.

Vicki Heslop, director of customer experience at Covéa Insurance, said: “Supporting customers with vulnerabilities is a core part of this involving extensive training for our people, changing wording in our communications and policies and removing potential barriers by providing additional services such as translation and access to sign language support.”

Matthew Taylor, managing director at DA Languages, added: “Our company is built on the belief that everyone should be able to access essential services, no matter the language they speak. We are delighted to be supporting Covéa Insurance and its customers to break down language barriers and ensure smooth communication.”

DA Languages offers support on over 450 languages and dialects.

Image courtesy of Covéa Insurance.

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